Kayak Cleanup

Please note:

  • All kayak cleanup events run from 9:00 a.m to noon.
  • Waiver forms must be signed to participate in the event.   For anyone under 18, a parent or guardian must sign the waiver on their behalf.
  • Maps and directions will be provided for each trip the month before via the CCTU Rollcast newsletter.
  • The time it takes for an estuary/river to empty or fill may be more or less than 1 hour.  We will adjust after each even in case our timing is not accurate.  We kept the tides high for the rivers in general in order to maximize the areas we could access and clean.  More ponds were added this year as they tend to have more garbage to clean up than the rivers.


NEXT EVENT – March 25  Spectacle Pond, Sandwich

This is the first 2018 event.  Since the event will be held in a pond, there are no tides to deal with.  We will be simply removing any garbage we find from the pond.  We will check that all cleaning equipment, safety equipment and forms for each kayaker are ready.  Don’t forget to bring fishing gear for after the cleanup as well.  A map with directions and instructions can be found in the March CCTU Rollcast.

April 29: Wequaquet Pond, Barnstable

May 13:  Herring River, Harwich

June 10:  Pamet River, Truro

July 1:  Sheep Pond, Brewster

August 5:  Ashumet Pond, Mashpee

September 9:  Pocassett River and Back River, Bourne

October 7:  Gull Pond, Wellfleet


Tom Planert
Phone Number – 774-521-9629
Call with questions or problems finding the parking area, etc.

Tom Planert and Brett Chambers at Peters Pond Sandwich