Meet the CCTU Board

Roberta (Robbie) Schilling

I was introduced to fly fishing by my fiancé (now husband) in 2012 and learned to fly fish at CCTU’s Fly Fishing School in May of 2013.  The first fish I caught was a bluegill in the Charles River.  Since then, I quickly went “Past Go” and have fished for Atlantic Salmon and Sea Run Brown Trout in Iceland and Atlantic Salmon in Quebec.  I also like to chase after stripers during the worm hatch right here on Cape Cod.  I joined the Board as a member in 2014 and became Vice President in 2017.  Newly elected as President in December 2018, I hope to continue the Chapter’s great conservation focus and bring more members and diversity to the Chapter.

What I like about TU
I am in awe of the impact that TU has had nationwide and especially right here in our backyard — the Quashnet — primarily with the hard work of our volunteer members. There is a great sense of camaraderie and friendship among the Chapter Members.  I feel we can accomplish anything we set our collective mind to.

Favorite Fly
Right now my favorite fly is the Blue Charm, because I caught my first Atlantic Salmon on one!  Otherwise, the jack-of-all-trades, the olive wooly bugger, is my go-to fly.

Michael Howard

I grew up on a small lake in Connecticut, and both my father and my best childhood friend loved to fish. Bluegills, bass, pickerel, even eels- if they swam I would spending countless hours trying to catch them. Subsequently I added the pursuit of trout and saltwater species in their respective habitats, and have been fortunate to fish some great spots around the world. Wade or float fishing larger medium to large streams is my favorite.

What I like best about TU
Since I became a Life Member in the 1990’s I have been impressed with the number of dedicated volunteers working at the local level to protect and restore our natural resources. It’s great just to hang out and participate alongside these wonderful people.

Favorite fly
The last ten years or so I have focused on fishing for Cape Cod stripers, and a chartreuse and white clouser is my first choice, particularly in the bays and tribs.

Board Member
Charlie Orr

I was introduced to fly fishing 12 years ago on a horseback trail ride through the wilderness of Wyoming.  As we crossed a creek, the trail leader stopped his horse and we all followed. He reached back into his pack and pulled out his fly rod.  After assembling the rod, he tied on a fly, and proceeded to cast from his mount.  When it didn’t catch a brook trout on the first cast he was disappointed.  On the second cast he landed a small trout, without leaving his saddle! I was impressed. He proceeded to show all of us the technique of the fly rod and when I returned home I had my order in by the end of the week.  I’ve been exclusively a fly fisherman ever since.

What I like about TU
Within a month I found Trout Unlimited and it has had a huge influence on my fishing.  By the end of that year I became a life member of TU. I’ve enjoyed the members, whether I’m fishing with them, tying flies with them, or just talking about fishing with them.  Our meetings get me through the off season.  Other than attending a few conventions, I have learned everything I know from the Cape Cod Chapter membership, and they have shown me wonderful places to fish. I’m truly grateful.

Favorite Fly
I love fishing on the surface, whether it’s with an Adams on the river for trout, or using poppers in the saltwater for stripers.

Past President
Tim Lynch

My grandfather introduced my brother and I to fly-fishing before we became teenagers.  Inexpensive bamboo rods (made in Japan) were given to us before our first fishing trip for trout up in Canada. Occasionally, I still use this rod on the Quashnet River.  Life Membership to Trout Unlimited began in the mid 1990s and my introduction to conservation work began on the Quashnet around 2000.

What I like best about TU
CCTU has been a wonderful organization.  I have met and worked alongside great people.  The yearly fishing trips have been awesome. Moreover, the opportunity to take on a leadership role with the Fly Fishing School and the Chapter Board of Directors opened the door to many new and exciting opportunities.

Favorite Fly
I love fishing rivers for trout using a Dry-Dropper setup.  Typically, I will use a buoyant “Stimulator” with a “Prince Nymph” underneath.