Meet the CCTU Board

Alan Alai

I started my fishing passion at the age of ten on the shores of Lake Tahoe where I caught my first trout. Since then I have enjoyed every day on the water. Before we moved

to the Cape in 1996, I have been fortunate to fish in streams, rivers and lakes in California, Alaska and Colorado. My Colorado friends introduced me to fly fishing and I have never looked back. On the Cape I fish both fresh and saltwater from a kayak, and if I am lucky I will catch a trout and a striper on the same day!

I joined CCTU six years ago. As a Board member, I have grown to recognize the conservation efforts of TU and the truly incredible work we have done here on the Cape. We have a great volunteer organization that is dedicated to keeping our coldwater fisheries preserved. I am very honored to be part of this great organization.

Vice President
Joe Swaluk

Joe Swaluk is an educator, artist and writer who first joined TU in 1968. His passion for preserving cold water fisheries has never diminished.



Bob Lewis

Bob Lewis is an avid fly fisherman and tyer from Cotuit.  He has served on the boards and as President of both the Osterville Anglers Club and the Cape Cod Flyrodders.  He recently joined CCTU, but has been attending presentations for the past decade and has become good fishing friends with many of the current members.  He keeps his 23’ Parker, “Gotta Fly”, at Prince Cove Marina.  In May you will find him out looking for a worm hatch and by June he will be out in the rips.  However, his real passion is to chase false albacore all over the east coast when fall rolls around!  He married his high school sweetheart Cathy and has 3 college aged girls and they all share his love for time spent on the water.

John Redding

John learned an appreciation for fishing in the 70s with his father on Big and Little Cliff Ponds. He learned fly fishing at the CCTU school some 30 years ago, but unfortunately got sidetracked with a career etc. His revived interest in fly fishing and conservation is evidenced by becoming a board member of CCTU. Hopefully, retirement will mean plenty of time on the Cape’s beautiful salt and fresh waters.

Zygmunt Plater
I’ve been carrying a fly rod with me almost everywhere I’ve gone, most notably Peace Corps in Ethiopia and in the Amazon. My favorite place to fish for trout is a secret, north of Yellowstone Nat’l Park. I’ve taught environmental protection law on 8 law faculties. Fired only once — my students and I carried a case through the Supreme Court, trying to save the beloved Little Tennessee River from an economically disastrous dam, using the snail darter, a tiny endangered fish. I’ve been learning to fly cast since 1959. Zygmunt is a Trout Unlimited Life Member.

Joshua Wrigley
Josh is a dedicated saltwater fly angler and fly tyer who fishes for striped bass, bluefish, and false albacore. He is a former editor of Tail Fly Fishing Magazine and currently serves as the Assistant Director of Natural Resources for the Town of Sandwich. Josh lives in East Falmouth with his wife Sharon and dog Penny.

Newsletter Editor
Roberta (Robbie) Schilling

I was introduced to fly fishing by my fiancé (now husband) in 2012 and learned to fly fish at CCTU’s Fly Fishing School in May of 2013.  The first fish I caught was a bluegill in the Charles River.  Since then, I quickly went “Past Go” and have fished for Atlantic Salmon and Sea Run Brown Trout in Iceland and Atlantic Salmon in Quebec.  I also like to chase after stripers during the worm hatch right here on Cape Cod.  I joined the Board as a member in 2014 and became Vice President in 2017.  Served as President from 2018 to 2020 and now serve as Vice Chair, Communications for the MA-RI TU Council.


Immediate Past President and Membership Chair
Michael Howard

I grew up on a small lake in Connecticut, and both my father and best friend loved to fish. Subsequently I added the pursuit of trout and saltwater species in their respective habitats.  Wade or float fishing medium to large streams is my favorite.  A TU Life Member for over 20 years, and more recently Cape Cod chapter Secretary and Treasurer, I have been impressed with the number of dedicated volunteers working at the local level to protect and restore our cold water resources.  Residence: Osterville  Email: [email protected]


Environmental Conservation Chair:
Peter Schilling

Peter Schilling is a  Life Member and has been active for more than 30 years with Trout Unlimited.  He is a former President of the Greater Boston Chapter and a former MA/RI Council Chair.  His passion is fishing for Atlantic Salmon and anadromous trout species.


Diversity and Inclusion Chair:

Kara Hayhurst

Kara Hayhurst enjoys both freshwater and saltwater fly fishing. As a working mother of two children, fly fishing became her passion due to its meditative qualities and how refreshed she always feels after spending time on the water. After years of being one of the only women at many fly fishing events, Kara is now dedicated to helping other women get involved in the sport. Kara is also in charge of our social media and helps with event planning.