Quashnet Work Log


15 Jan 2017

Tom Planert, Ted Patlen (2016 Cape Cod Pond Challenge winner), Dave Palmer, Fred Monahan, Bret Bokelkamp, Charlie Orr, Fran Smith (Quashnet River Project Manager and Al Brewster Award winner for 2016), Dan Tobin (Immediate Past President), Dave Burkett, and Tim Lynch braved a sub zero start and prepositioned logs and posts for a future installation of J Vanes and Double Wing Deflectors. As a bonus, we put up a wood duck box that was constructed by Fran.


Prior Year Logs

11 Jan 2015 (2nd Sunday)

Brush Cutting and Stacking was Completed on the East Side of Section 6 on a Blustery Morning…First Timer Emily Manessas was joined by Dan Tobin, Tom Planert, Steve Shaver, Fran Smith, and Tim Lynch.

8 Feb- 2nd Sunday

Cancelled due to Snow Accumulations!

29 Mar-Eighteen Volunteers joined up for the 3rd Annual “Back to the Quashnet and Chowdah Fest”. Fran Smith led the hearty souls on this fine 32 degree morning. The regulars included Alan Alai, Aiden Alai, Dan Tobin (OH Free Drink Mixologist), Stan Kaczynski, Pat Grenier (Chowdah Chef), Dave Palmer, Charlie Orr, Ted Patlen, Ron Reif, Tom Planert, Steve Shaver, Jim Driscoll, and Tim Lynch. First Timers were welcomed into the group and included Zander Nassikas, Tim Prior, Bob Pierotti, and Chris Sampson. Great Outing-Well Done by All!

19 Apr- Tree planting followed by BBQ at Peter Schilling’s/Roberta Mazzoli’s House. Another great turn out by members of CCTU. Approximately 200 trees were planted in Section 6. Today’s work crew included Fran Smith, Russ Salter, Pat Grenier, Stan Kaczynski, John Griener, Ted Patlen, Tom Planert, Peter Schilling, Bret Bokelkamp and his wife Deb, Dan Tobin, Charlie Orr, Richard Stec, Alan Alai, Tim Prior, Lizzy Profita (Americorps), and Tim Lynch.

3 May- We had a very productive grunting session both in Woods Hole at the Rowe Estate on Church Street and again at the log storage site along the road at Section 6 where we loaded one dozen Eastern Juniper logs into a Panton Plumbing pick-up and dropped them off at the river. We were finished by 11:30, somewhat later than I had anticipated due to a road race on Surf Drive and some heavy Police work at Route 28 and Central Ave. The people grunting today did a great job, a job that I was have a great deal of trouble trying to figure out how to accomplish. It was wonderful to have 8 of the guys there to help. As you know I cannot do this alone, proof showed that today. The TU members in attendance were: Tim Prior, John Griener, Pat Grenier, Ted Patlen, David Palmer, Brett Bokelkamp, Jim Driscoll, Dan Tobin and me. I will have things ready for us to start a double wing deflector in June. All The Best, Francis

14 Jun- We placed the last of the Christmas trees, that were stacked by the rock pile, into the lower portion of Section 6. We placed the remaining piles of brush on top of the Christmas trees and we then filled my pickup twice with log chunks and floated them down to the tree/brush piles that required weight to hold them in place. The attendees were Danie Kinkade, Hayden Kinkade, Ade Lineaweaver, Jim Driscoll, Alan Alai and Fran Smith.

19 Jul- Eight of us put in a double wing deflector (75% complete). Americorps will finish it up this week. We welcomed Tim Caouette (recent grad of the fly fishing school) to our Quashnet Team. Other workers included Tom Planert, Dave Palmer, Jim Driscoll, Alan Alai, John Griener, Fran Smith, and Tim Lynch. (Fran Smith has graciously invited the Quashnet Team to join him at his Maine cabin for a few days of fishing. Put the last week of September on your calendar for some landlocked salmon and brook trout fishing).

16 Aug- We had 4 people working on/in the stream habitat by installing a single wing deflector and removing a very old collapsed and dangerously situated overhead cover. The debris from the overhead cover consisted of lots of rocks, reusable logs and badly decomposed white oak plank all of which was reincorporated into various other devices or set aside for future use. In attendance today were Alan Alai, Tim Caovette, Tim Lynch and Francis Smith. Our next two sessions on the river will be September 13 and October 18. We are now at 1097 hours invested in this years’ effort to restore habitat for eastern brook trout in the Quashnet River.

13 Sep- 2nd Sunday Cancelled

18 Oct- 3rd Sunday- Planted 24 trees.

15 Nov – Cancelled

20 December- Jim Driscoll, Dave Palmer, Dan Tobin, Brett Bokelkamp, Peter Schilling, Ted Patlen, Fran Smith, and Tim Lynch enjoyed the windless, 40 Degree morning putting in woody debris in sections 1-3.

17 Jan- Bret Bokelkamp, Jim Driscoll, Dan Tobin, Tom Planert, Fran Smith, and Tim Lynch cut and stacked brush on the west side of the river in Section 7. This area will receive 3-4 dozen tree plantings later this year.

21 Feb-Brush Cutting/Stacking and Christmas Tree Bank Stabilization was the work order of the day. Twelve volunteers made for a quick and efficient effort. Attendees included new Quashnet volunteer Justin Fleming (Nashua, NH), Ted Patlen, Zander Nassidas, Alan Alai, Aden Alai, Dan Tobin, Dave Palmer, Tom Planert, Bret Bokelkamp, Charlie Orr, Fran Smith, and Tim Lynch.

20 Mar-Annual “Back to Quashnet” and Chowdah Fest Reunion- This years event was again led by Fran Smith and he was joined by Dan Tobin, Justin Fleming, Charlie Orr, Ted Patlen, Dave Palmer, Steve Shaver, Bret Bokelkamp, Tom Planert, Steve Lempitski, Josh Wrigley, and Dave Burkett. The group of 12 prepositioned dirt for April’s outing and also added dirt to previously planted trees. A Chowdah lunch was enjoyed by all (Pat made the chowdah, Dan brought beverages, and Bret prepared the sandwiches).

9 Apr-Another awesome crew today…112 trees were planted in sections 6/7. Today’s group of volunteers included Fran Smith, Dan Tobin, Ted Patlen, Dave Palmer, Steve Paltz, Steve Shaver, Bret Bokelkamp, Dave Burkett, Jim Driscoll, John Grenier, Ron Reif, Alan Alai, and Tim Lynch. Mr Shaver boasted that he did most of the heavy lifting. Can anyone verify this for the official record?

7 May-Cancelled

26 Jun-Beautiful day on the river. One side of a deflector was installed in Section 5; the posts were seated on the opposing side of the river and this side of the deflector will be completed next month. Fran Smith led the team consisting of Alan Alai, Jim Driscoll, Bret Bokelkamp, Fred Monahan (First Timer), and Tim Lynch.

17 Jul-Ninety percent of the double wing deflector has been completed. A 4-man team enjoyed the work day and camaraderie (Justin Fleming, Bret Bokelkamp, Fran Smith, and Tim Lynch).

7 Aug-Fred Monahan, Jim Driscoll, Bret Bokelkamp, John Griener, Tom Planert, Alan Alai, Justin Fleming, Fran Smith, and Tim Lynch finished building and reinforcing the double wing deflector. Tons of rock and gravel were moved via our “barge” to the deflector. Great team effort!

11 Sep-Double wing deflector was reinforced with small boulders and gravel as well as access and rain water runoff control to Section 5 was completed (steps, loam, grass seed). Work crew included Dan Tobin, Jim Driscoll, Dave Palmer, Alan and Aden Alai, Bret Bokelkamp, Fran Smith, and Tim Lynch.

16 Oct-Cancelled
20 Nov-Cancelled
18 Dec-Cancelled